Spanish Moss trail


I discovered what was for me, a new hiking, walking, and biking trail. Well, for me it is new.
Spanish Moss Trail meanders through South Carolina’s Beaufort town, Port Royal, Gray’s Hill,
Lad y’s Island and several other small neighborhoods.
Locals of Beaufort town know it was there for years. But it is not well known, and I am afraid it is
underused. It was easy to find it on my GPS but, if you asked those few walker, they would give
you a name for the neighborhood they live in or for the town you are in .
One of the main problems of many trails throughout America is we have plenty of trails and just
underuse them. I hear many people say that we need easy, inexpensive, accessible exercise.
This is especially true for older Americans who know they need to get off their couches and get
out and exercise. They evidently do not know that the trails are just minutes away from them or,
even worse, they deliberately do not take advantage of what is theirs for free. Walk, to keep
yourself alive.
Many health and fitness experts have found in many studies that walking is the greatest and
least damaging of all available exercises to all people, especially as we get older. They find that
as we get older, we must exercise or that which we have will wear out. As you hear often “either
use it or lose it”. I like to turn that around and say, “Use It and You Will Keep It”. Walk Long Live
So, what do I particularly like about the Spanish Moss Trail, in addition to the Spanish Moss
(which is hangs on almost every oak on the trail) it is the time of the year when the aroma of
Confederate Jasmine is in almost every step. That is a treat and enhances the trail. Lastly, this
is the low country and thus we have just slight rises, zero hills and never mountains to climb.
Very few trails give you all of that as a starting point.
What else do you get? Acres and acres of tree foliage, acres of meadows, marshlands, several
ponds, saltwater inlets, dozens of songbirds, and waterfowl. If you are lucky you may see fox,
racoons and even deer. They are out particularly during dusk.
And, if you look to the ground, you will also see many different wild flowers.
The above are yours to enjoy and help you to grow healthier and live a longer and much more
interesting life.
One last question, if anyone, who is aware of this Trail knows of a “Friends of the Trail” or any
similar group, please email me any information you may have. I will post it to promote t
he trail on the website www,
Get out and live.

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