12 Essential Tips For an Unforgettable First Skydiving Experience!

12 Essential Tips For an Unforgettable First Skydiving Experience!

Dreaming of a thrill like no other? Then look no further than skydiving! Jumping out of an airplane takes guts, but with the proper preparation and attitude, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. In this article, we will break down how to best prepare for your plunge so that you can make the most of your time in the sky. From choosing the right attire to getting into the proper skydiving position, read on to brush up on all things freefall.

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1. Appropriately Prepare For The Jump

Appropriately Prepare For The Jump

Getting psyched up for your big jump can be a nerve-wracking experience; however, proper preparation is critical to ensure a successful skydive. Get educated by familiarizing yourself with safety protocols and skydiving terminology. Keeping a positive mindset and having positive thoughts will help you stay calm during the experience.

2. Choose The Right Attire For Freefalling Fun

When gearing up for a day of adventure, knowing what you should (and shouldn’t) wear for your skydiving experience is essential. The key is to keep your clothes lightweight and comfortable so that nothing restricts your movements as you freefall through the sky. Thick, baggy clothing can be a distraction and cause you to spin in the air.

Here are a few tips for selecting skydiving-friendly attire:
• Wear pants or shorts that fit snugly around your legs and waist.
• Avoid loose fabric such as jeans or sweatpants;
• Choose comfortable shoes that fit securely on

3. The Right Instructor

Selecting The Right Instructor

When selecting an instructor for your skydiving experience, choosing someone experienced and knowledgeable is important. Look for instructors certified by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). These folks have extensive knowledge about skydiving safety and regulations and can also give you tips and tricks.

4. Choosing The Right Equipment

Equipping yourself with the right gear before a skydiving adventure is essential. While you will be using equipment provided by your instructor, there are some items that you should bring along as well. These include goggles, gloves, and a helmet for safety during the freefall.

5. Choose Your Dropzone Carefully

Before you even head off on your journey, it’s crucial to take the time to research and choose the best dropzone for you. Don’t just settle for any old place; do your due diligence to find one that meets all your needs and offers a comfortable environment.

When considering a dropzone, it is vital to look at factors like:
• Cost – Some skydiving centers may be more expensive than others, so check out the rates before signing up.
• Safety Record – Be sure to ask about the safety record of any prospective drop zones and ensure they have a good track record for both instructors and equipment.
• Experience – If you’re a first-time jumper, look for centers that welcome beginners and offer extra resources.

6. Bring Friends So It’s Not So Scary

Skydiving with friends

Don’t take the big plunge immediately if you’re new to skydiving. Start by taking a tandem jump with an experienced instructor to get accustomed to freefalling and lift your confidence. Then, when you’re ready, you can opt for a solo jump.

7. Accept The Nerves And Remember To Breathe

Skydiving involves leaping from a plane and flying several thousand feet above the ground, so it’s only natural that some nerves may come into play. To ensure you keep a level head throughout your experience, practice calming yourself in the days leading up to the jump. Meditate regularly or participate in calming activities such as yoga or tai chi. Think of a mantra beforehand to remind yourself that you’re ready for the challenge.

8. Arrive Early And On Time

Being on time is a courtesy that all skydivers should observe when they book a session with a tandem instructor. You must arrive an hour before the scheduled jump to familiarize yourself with the drop zone and the gear you’ll need. Coming early also allows you to observe other jumpers in action to get a feel for what it’s like before taking the plunge yourself.

9. Get Your Body Ready To Fly

Get Your Body Ready To Fly

The sky is yours for the taking! But before you take off, getting into the proper position for a successful skydive is beneficial. Most instructors prefer that you adopt a horizontal-to-the-ground placement, which keeps your body in line with the airflow and helps you keep your speed consistent during the descent. Your drogue parachute also plays an instrumental role in keeping your body stable. Raising your legs helps to keep them out of the way for your partner to absorb the impact properly and avoid injury.

10. Arch Like a Banana During the Jump

One of the most important things to remember when skydiving is maintaining your body position— and arching your back like a banana is vital. This position helps you keep balanced in freefall, allowing you to face forward while also reducing drag. While it’s important to stay aerodynamic, don’t tense up. You may be tempted to look down at the ground, but keep your chin up and eyes forward. Skydiving is about having fun, so don’t forget to smile and enjoy the view.

11. Lift Your Legs Before Landing

Lift Your Legs Before Landing

As you start to approach the ground, it’s important to lift your legs slightly to reduce the impact of the landing. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you must do an entire split mid-air! Bring your legs up to the horizontal position and keep them there until you reach the ground.

Bottom Line

There are a variety of reasons why skydiving can be so addictive, from the adrenaline rush to be able to take in stunning aerial views. It’s also a fantastic way to challenge yourself and push your boundaries. No matter what motivates you to jump out of an aircraft, it’s sure to be an experience you won’t forget.

Skydiving is an exhilarating experience that requires careful preparation and planning. Whether you’re a novice jumper or a seasoned veteran, following these tips will help make sure your skydive goes off without a hitch. So, what are you waiting for? Strap on your skydiving-friendly attire and take the plunge!

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