Wraith-Distance Driver



Why buy the Wraith-Distance Driver?

The Innova Wraith Distance Driver is a go-to disc for experienced players looking for maximum distance and reliable performance. With its fast and long flight path, the Wraith is designed to deliver consistent results on the course. Whether you’re using it for backhand or forehand throws, this driver is built to handle the rigors of the game.

Ideal for experienced players, the Wraith offers exceptional speed and distance with a reliable and consistent flight path. Its ability to handle both backhand and forehand throws makes it a versatile tool for any player’s bag. If you’re looking for a disc that can help you take your game to the next level, the Innova Wraith Distance Driver is an excellent choice.

Details and Features

  • Fast and long flight path
  • Reliable and consistent performance
  • Suitable for both backhand and forehand throws
  • Ideal for experienced players


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