TAG Fitness 3LB Vinyl Coated Beauty Bell Dumbbell - Red


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Sculpt your physique and supercharge your strength training with our complete vinyl dumbbell set! This versatile set offers individual weights from 1 lb to 15 lb, allowing for customizable workouts and progressive intensity. Clearly marked weights ensure effortless selection during exercise.

No more rolling weights! The innovative non-rolling design keeps dumbbells in place, preventing slipping and hazards. The compact size is ideal for home gyms, while the comfortable vinyl non-slip grip guarantees a secure hold for any exercise.

Key Features:

  • Individual weights (1 lb – 15 lb) for personalized workouts
  • Clearly marked weights for easy selection and progress tracking
  • Non-rolling design for stability and safety
  • Compact size for space-saving convenience
  • Comfortable vinyl non-slip grip for secure handling

Invest in your fitness journey! Order your complete vinyl dumbbell set and unlock a world of strength-building possibilities.


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