TAG 7.5 to 27.5lb Premium Ultrathane Dumbbell (5 pairs)


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SKU: DBU-7.5-27.5 set


• Revolutionary SDS Secure Dumbell System construction
• Straight hard-chrome handle
• Patented ultrathane adds to the look and life of your dumbbells
• One-piece solid cast and steel head designed encased in ultrathane offers accurate weight and precision balance
• Will not spin or come loose like bulky bolt-together dumbbells
• Compact design makes SDS dumbbells much easier and safer to handle
• Available from 5-150lbs in 5lb increments and 7.5-27.5lb half-size 5lb increments
• 5 Year Warranty
• Color: black

(please contact us for pricing and lead-time for custom dumbbells)


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