Std. 6 Ft. Chrome Spin-Lock Bar w/ Spin-Lock Collars


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Chrome Spin-Lock Weight Bar w/ Spin-Lock Collars

The Chrome Spin-Lock Weight Bar w/ Spin-Lock Collars are available in two standard bar lengths, 5’ and 6’. Each length features two spin-lock collars as well as two areas of knurling. These bars are great for those who are new to weightlifting or those who prefer 1” standard plates. They can be utilized to do a variety of exercises at a moderate weight. Each bar features a brilliant chrome finishing to increase durability as well as complement your York Barbell standard plates.

The 5’ bar features two 11” fixed collars and 37” between the two collars.

The 6’ bar features two 15” fixed collars and 41” between the two collars.


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