Point 65 Sweden Whisky 16-rocker

SKU: 317864


The Whisky 16 is an agile touring kayak developed by Nigel Foster. A spirited playboat for coastal waters, the Whisky 16, with its fuller bow and stern shape to reduce plunging, is designed with rough water, surf and current in mind, and for exciting coastal touring near the impact zones. On gentler waters, here is a comfortable easily maneuvered and stable craft to inspire confidence. It is an ideal boat to develop skills needed in big water. With capacity for day trips, yet spacious enough for a few days of self-contained expedition paddling, the Whisky 16 comes into its own for exploring narrow passages and negotiating awkward corners where nimble turning is a delight.

– Total length: 489 cm/16 ft
– Width: 56 cm/22 in
– Capacity: 155 kg/341 lbs
– Weight: 25 kg/55 lbs
– 4 dry hatches


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