Point 65 Sweden Mercury Gtx Tandem Kayak

SKU: 318005


As easy as 1, 2, 3 – Following the success of Point 65’s modular recreational kayaks – here is the touring version. The Point 65 Mercury GTX 14/18 is a high performance, stable, decked modular touring kayak with a large cockpit with which to explore and then take back home in the trunk of your car. Like the recreational versions, the Mercury features the innovative snap tap solution. The Point 65 Snap-TAP technologies are protected under US and European patents.

– Total length: 545 cm/17 ft 10 in
– Bow: 107 cm/42 in
– Cockpit section: 163 cm/5 ft 4 in
– Mid section: 157 cm/5 ft 2 in
– Back section: 157 cm/5 ft 2 in
– Width: 60 cm/23.6 in
– Approximate section weight: 11 kg/24.3 lbs


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