Mojito Angler Tandem Kayak

SKU: 318148


The Mojito Angler is a modular fishing kayak that you can carry with a smile on your face, transport in the back of most cars and store under your bed. With the patented Snap-Tap system the Mojito Angler snaps apart into manageable sections and re-assembles in seconds. The Mojito Angler is a safe, stable, and strong fishing kayak. This 330cm/11ft boat sports a 150kg/330-pound weight capacity, yet due to its keel rudder it tracks straight as an arrow. Snap in the mid-section and your Mojito Angler Solo is transformed into a 480cm/16ft high-performance tandem. Add a second mid-section and you have lots of carrying capacity and room for a huge catch and for whatever fishing gear you want to bring. Or for a third paddler. The Mojito is equipped with a super-comfortable padded seat and backrest, which folds down for easy transport. The seat covers are made of highly durable and comfortable, honey-comb patterned material in combination with a mesh fabric which is laminated and molded over sculptured EVA foam. The Mojito Angler is equipped with round 24cm water proof rubber hatches front and aft, multiple cup/bottle holders, aluminum rails for attachment of GPS, GoPros etc. Easy to adjust rudder pedals connect with the ultra efficient keel rudder to get you into that perfect fishing spot.

– Length: 480 cm/15 ft 9 in
– Weight: 39kg/86 lbs
– Capacity: 300kg/660 lbs


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