Discraft Weekender Golf Bag



Why buy the Discraft Weekender Golf Bag?

The Discraft Weekender Golf Bag is designed to carry 6-8 discs and is perfect for casual rounds or players who prefer to travel light. The reinforced and padded shoulder strap ensures that you’ll stay comfortable even during long rounds. Additionally, the bag features a zippered and velcroed rain cover that will protect your discs in inclement weather.

The Weekender Golf Bag also includes a zippered inner pocket for storing accessories like keys, wallet, and phone. The cinched pouch on the side of the bag provides easy access to your water bottle. An elastic putter pocket keeps your disc secure and always at hand.

Overall, the Discraft Weekender Golf Bag is a great option for players who want a compact and lightweight bag that still provides ample storage space and convenient features.

Details and Features

Holds 6-8 discs
Reinforced and padded shoulder strap
Zippered and velcroed rain cover
Zippered inner pocket for storing accessories
Cinched pouch for holding water bottle
Elastic putter pocket for easy access


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