25LB Black Rubber Urethane Competition Bumper Plate (Custom)


1.38″ Plate Thickness

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Discover Peak Performance with Our Premium Rubber Bumper Plates!

Individually crafted with Virgin Rubber, our plates are specially formulated for high density and low bounce, ensuring a top-notch lifting experience. Sold in pounds, each plate boasts a 17.7″ diameter (IWF Standard) and a collar diameter of 1.98″. Constructed with solid rubber featuring a durometer of 88-92, these plates are a testament to durability and quality.

Equipped with Zinc Coated Steel Hubs, these bumper plates come with a confidence-boosting 4-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Elevate your workouts with the perfect blend of performance and reliability!

(COLORED COMPETITION RUBBER BUMPER PLATES – all purchase orders need to have a pre-qualified quote. Please contact us.)


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