How to Find the Best Place to Play Football


The answer to that question is very easy to give. Almost any public park, football field, high school exercise field or any empty grass lot can hold a game. However, to find the right type of football game is the hard question to answer. 

Most hard tackle football games are very regimented, organized and set up inside a specific league or conference. Even if they are high school, college or semi pro teams they are definitely not very friendly to walk on athletes without very good skills and recommendations from other athletes or coaches. The one good thing about these teams they are very well organized and will expect you to work very hard. Even if you only expect to get on the practice squad you will have to bring your personal equipment (shoulder pads, leg pads, helmet and definitely your own jock cup). And you probably know this already but the practice squad gets worked over pretty damn hard . Do not expect to walk away without some aches and pains. Even if you are working with a high school squad; they will hurt you. These are athletes that put everything into their game. They expect to play smash mouth football and the other side is the enemy. Just be prepared to not play but to work and work hard.

However, if you impress the coaches especially, the college coaches you could be recruited to join the team, even if it’s only the practice squad. You could gain some very interesting skills and knowledge of the game . You would not be the first walk on to get on the practice squad, then the regular team and then a full scholarship to four years of a topflight university. This  is not the usual thing but it has happened regularly enough to find walk on athletes every year on an incredibly good team.

I don’t want to break your hearts but for guys trying out for the practice squad; it is best if they are in the age-appropriate range of the athletes they are playing against.  OK, retirees that does not stop you from playing but just in your own age range. There are plenty of leagues and teams for all age ranges from six years to sixty plus years. For seniors try:

For youth try:

For all of these you must bring your own equipment even your football and shoulder pads, leg pads and jock cup. Most of the organized leagues have uniforms through all the age groups. You can also buy all the equipment you need at this web site I must add that these are age related leagues but you can possible get injured . These are not pros but they are very enthusiastic and are will to sacrifice their body’s and yours to win. 

And now we are getting to the less organized, more casual football games. These are often organized by a local tavern or a group of taverns. These are usually not hard tackle and often are just two hand touch or flag ball. They are also usually co-ed teams and usually do not have an age limit . The other genuinely nice thing about them is that they usually allow anyone who shows up to play. The coach is not desperate but is happy to have subs. You can tap into the athletes list on to really find out about the team you are interested in. Or just  where the game is happening.

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