How to Find a Good Venue to Play Baseball or Softball


The first and probably the most important issue you must address is what type of game do you want to play. A quick pick up game, a semi pro level game, a money game, a beer league game, an amateur league game and probably another dozen types that only the players know of. 

The quick pick-up game is the easiest. Find a public park (some kind of game is always happening) bring your own glove and bat. The teams are often short-handed or someone gets hurt or someone sucks and everybody on the team wants a recruit. You can usually step in. 

A semi pro game is going to be hard to get in.  You will need a reference from at least one player to back up your claim for skills   

A money game, bring money.

A beer league game, bring your glove and a bat.   Money for after the game. Skills for during the game. Enthusiasm is very important for the game.

An amateur league game, you will need a reference to play (probably as a sub). Bring your glove, bat, skills, and ego to play. 

The dozens of other games, usually knowledge of the time and place and an attitude of humor more than an attitude of skills.   

Other than a glove, a bat, a cap, and a ball all you need is a cooler with Gatorade for  during the game and beer for after the game . 

To play baseball or softball you don’t need a lot of equipment. However, you do need to know where and when to meet all those players you will need for a game.  

The easiest way to find that information is to hook into . There you have that information at you fingertips .

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