How to Find the Best Golf Venue for Your Next Game

How to Find the Best Golf Venue for Your Next Game

A golf game is nothing if the golf course is beat up and poorly maintained. The course must have enough staff and equipment to ensure that at least the course looks good even if your game doesn’t. The staff must know the rules and regulations of the course to stop the players from cutting ruts in the freeway and mortar holes still  in the high grass. You want a course that is good looking not a battlefield.

Of course, the golf club must have a good 19th hole for a cold beer and a snack after the game. No warm beer and cold dogs. That would ruin the best day of golf. 

It would not hurt if the course had a good golf store for you to pick and choose amongst good equipment. You might find a good driver that could straighten out your drive. Or, replace the golf balls eaten by the water hazards.  If not, you can always use this sports equipment store; for your equipment.

And if you are like me; you don’t mind paying a reasonable fee. Yet, four hours of stress relief should still cost less than 50 minutes with your therapist. Then you can relax.

While we are talking costs, you cannot overlook the difference between a private golf course and a public one. The public course will easily be less than the private club. You need to know exactly what types of amenities you will lose to save some money. If you are just looking to play a day of golf and not impress someone, the public course is the place. Again, you need a veteran player to tell you where to go; go to

You also want to know the caliber of the players on the courses. And for that you need to know others who played that course. And watch out for the hustlers.

You probably have several courses within 20 miles of your home. How are you going to know what course to go to? 

Unless you know a guy (usually retired) who knows all the local courses and is willing to share his knowledge you need to dip into the general knowledge of the network of players in the area. Yes, there is a source of knowledge. This website is one; is yours to pick for information.  Feel free to use it. Also, there is They also know the golf courses available. No matter what course you take, take one. It’s better than sitting at home complaining about how the pros play.

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